Account Services

Expertise without the high costs and commitment of salaries, benefits and management of employees.

Whether you need an inside sales team to generate qualified leads to fill your pipeline, digital marketing experts focused on creating brand awareness and boosting reputation, or executive-level sales leadership to build and execute and organizational sales strategy, Marketbound Strategies can provide you with the resources at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.

Sales & Marketing Leadership

Hiring a Head of Sales or Marketing is a time consuming process that requires significant commitment. An outsourced sales or marketing leader allows you to benefit from years of experience, lessons learned, and vast industry knowledge with reduced cost and commitment. Marketbound Strategies leverages years in our field to provide the best resources available that will deliver real results for your organization.

Sales Development Professionals

Developing and executing multi-touch campaigns that generate a steady flow of high quality leads is the focus of our sales development services. We provide experienced resources that deliver a high volume of qualified leads to your business on an ongoing basis. You can rely on Marketbound Strategies to fill your pipeline so you can close more deals.

Digital Marketing Experts

Our digital marketing experts will help you develop and implement data-driven marketing campaigns designed to increase leads, improve your brand reputation, and boost revenue. Utilizing email, social media, and other other channels, Marketbound Strategies' digital marketing professionals will help you generate demand for your products and services through effective programs that yield measurable results.

Project Services

Targeted, project-focused solutions for growth-related challenges

When you have a specific need such as generating leads ahead of a key conference or product launch, building a library of relevant and impactful sales collateral that enables you to sell effectively, or selecting and implementing the right CRM system based on your business needs, Marketbound Strategies will develop a scope, schedule and fixed price per project.

Outbound Strategy Development & Implementation

An effective outbound sales & marketing strategy can save you time and money, and allow you to reach the key organizations you want as clients. Whether your situation calls for an “account-based” approach, where the focus is put on target accounts and providing valuable information, or a broader program that touches multiple organizations and verticals, Marketbound Strategies can help you develop and execute outbound programs that produce rapid results.

Lead Generation & Meeting Scheduling

Generating leads and appointments for your business can be a daunting task. From developing and segmenting prospect lists, to performing initial and ongoing outreach, meeting scheduling must be performed in a methodical way to ensure success. Prospects must be messaged according to their unique characteristics, and outreach must be performed by experienced and well-trained sales professionals. Marketbound Strategies will implement lead generation and meeting scheduling campaigns based on specific goals, such as number of meetings, type of meetings, etc., so that you can win more business.

Market & Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation is the process of dividing the market into measurable segments based on customers’ needs, their behaviors or their demographic profiles. Marketbound Strategies can help you create these measurable segments, then determine the profit potential of each by analyzing the revenue and cost impacts of serving each segment. Next, segments can be targeted according to their profit potential and the company’s ability to serve them in a proprietary way. Resources can be invested to match the needs of each target segment and the performance of each segment should be measured over time.

Sales Enablement Services

Organizations, with or without sales people, need the appropriate information, content, and tools to help them sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to give your organization what it needs to engage the prospective client throughout the buying process. Especially during a long sales cycle, tools, content and best practices are critical to ensuring a successful prospective client engagement.

Ultimately, the buyer’s experience must be the foundation of a sales enablement strategy. This includes creating high quality content, defining and refining a specific sales process, and ensuring that your organization is leveraging all available resources. Marketbound Strategies can arm you with the leading sales enablement best practices to ensure a successful sale.

Data & CRM Solutions

To be successful in sales, you need a solid foundation. For an organization looking to grow, a robust CRM is critical to ensure communication is tracked and coordinated among prospects and clients. There are a multitude of CRM options on the market today, at various price points, with differing features and functionality. Marketbound Strategies can help you identify, procure and implement the right CRM for your business. Once the CRM is selected and implement it, MBS can take it one step further and fill it with the right data you need to be successful. 

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